ABC Avenue and its Connection to PCHP

Hi! I’m Morgan!



I have a YouTube channel called ABC Avenue where I read children’s books to help spread the love of reading. I KNOW that Parent-Child Home Program is doing amazing work and I’m so excited to have the opportunity to work with PCHP through DERT Book (more below).

In my profession as an Assistant Speech Language Pathologist, I have an even greater understanding of the Program’s value. I find it very rewarding to help children improve their communication while also having fun. Whether it’s language, grammar, articulation, or social interaction, it’s amazing to see the children I work with grow. I have such a passion for reading, and helping children learn and progress, and I’m lucky enough to do both everyday!

Currently, I live in a very small town in rural Texas with my husband. I frequently found myself talking with him about how sad I felt knowing the struggle some of my students were going through in their homes. After wishing many times over that I could do something to help, I started my YouTube channel, ABC Avenue. I recognized that some children weren’t just struggling, but they were missing something important – reading at home. Many of them were not being read with outside of school, and if you’re reading this post, you must know how important that is! So I thought I’d try and help by reading to them through YouTube videos. It’s not the same, but my hope is to still make it feel special and engaging.

There is an enormous amount of research that tells us how important it is to read and speak often in the home to improve children’s language development. And, in my field of work, that’s a really big deal. So naturally, I’ve become a huge fan of PCHP helping to show parents and children how they can succeed at reading, playing, and speaking in their own homes.

One of my early struggles in this project was gaining permission to read books online. As I was searching for good quality and fun books to read, I ran across an amazing project called DERT Book.

I loved that DERT’s students were reimagining classic stories. Once I heard about how they were partnered with PCHP, I was totally hooked. DERT gives opportunities to current students, and future students through their work and I am thrilled to be able to read their books on my channel such as Red, Stone Soup, Goldilocks and the Three Bears, and many more!

There are tons of great language activities that can be pulled from these stories and almost endless amounts of play. I’m so excited to add these new versions to my work library.

I can’t wait to continue working with PCHP in the future. Read on!



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