2023 Conference Themes

Racism – Trauma, family impact, and systems Effects of oppression and racism on children and families

  • Systemic racism in educational and health/mental health systems.
  • Empowering families who face racism in school systems or medical or mental health systems.
  • An equitable approach to assessments.
  • Innovative approaches to supporting families and staff affected by intergenerational trauma and/or immigration trauma.
  • Program materials and activities that support representation and identity.
  • Talking with families and staff about their history and trauma.
  • Customizing/adapting visits to support healing from trauma.

Supporting Healthy Child Development The new CDC child development milestones

  • Bilingual language development.
  • Utilizing the ASQ-3 and ASQ-SE to support families and inform home visit practice.
  • Partnering with parents to support healthy child development.
  • Talking about development delays with families.
  • The pandemic’s impact on child development.
  • Partnering with the early intervention system.
  • Creative hands-on tips and activities for supporting healthy development.

Supporting Parent Voice/Partnering with Parents – Parents are the Experts on their children and lives

  • Bringing parents together and supporting peer support activities.
  • Bringing home-based caregivers together and supporting communities of practice.
  • Building strong partnerships with parents.
  • Workforce development for parents, providers, and staff through home visiting.
  • Engaging parents through their home-based caregiver in the Home-Based Child Care model.
  • Supporting ParentChild+ parent participants in becoming HBCC providers.



Important Reminders: