Success Stories


When Early Learning Specialist, Carolyn, first met two-year-old Chalise she knew that this little girl was something special. While sitting in her highchair playing with a shape sorter she would trade any shape she got for the purple one. She was outgoing and happy and knew even at that young age exactly what she liked. Carolyn has had the pleasure of watching her develop into a young girl who loves to dance, sing, and read with her family.

Over the past two years, Chalise has benefitted from her journey with ParentChild+. She initiates games with her parents and will study illustrations in books with great detail. Carolyn knew how much Chalise had learned when she asked her one day why she thought Curious George was happy while he was painting a picture. She expected her to say something like “Because he is smiling.” But instead Chalise replied “George is happy because he is doing work that he likes.”

With wonderful support from her mother and father, Chalise has developed critical thinking and compassion. During the Program her mother, Angela, shared Chalise’s joy and creativity, and her father, Omar, brought strength and steadfastness to her education. Chalise now embodies the best of both her parents. Angela has enjoyed watching Chalise’s growth. She sees how she cares deeply for others and loves beyond measure. Carolyn says, “She is lively and expressive, like her mom, but she also likes to assess situations quietly, like her dad. Both parents are warm, kind, and wise, and Chalise is following in their footsteps.”


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