Success Stories


Angela and Omar enrolled their youngest daughter, Chalise, in ParentChild+ of Stoughton, MA to open the doors to early education and specifically to develop her love for reading. Angela took the lead in the beginning, but when it came to the second year of the Program, she knew that Omar should take his turn as the parent partner. ParentChild+ was the perfect opportunity for him to bond with his youngest daughter and be a crucial part of her learning experience just as Angela was. There was no doubt in Angela and the Early Learning Specialist, Carolyn’s, mind that Omar would succeed and would learn and grow during the process.

It was Omar’s hope that he would be able to learn alongside his daughter and really get to know her personality. He took this opportunity and shined. As he played and interacted with Chalise during the ParentChild+ home visits, his lighter side began to come through. Chalise now grabs Omar’s finger to point to numbers and colors while they play. Home visitor, Carolyn, can tell when she visits that Chalise really cherishes her time with daddy and has built a strong bond with him. When they read together, Chalise will snuggle into Omar’s lap to be that much closer to him as they enjoy a story. Through their play and time together Omar has been able to instill qualities in his daughter that mirror his own. Angela could not be happier with the growth she has seen in Omar. She says “Since Omar has stepped into ParentChild+, I have noticed that he is more confident in the decisions made on behalf of our children and he has given Chalise an insight into who her dad is.”


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