Success Stories


Two-year old Jonathan is currently receiving PY1 of ParentChild+. His mother, Yesenia, is amazed at his love for reading and says he constantly asks her to read to him throughout the day. At home, following the model of the program, she reads to him up to three times a day. She says that he cannot contain his excitement every time he sees a new book.

Yesenia brought him to the ParentChild+ Jupiter Library tour which was organized by the Guatemalan-Maya Center on February 13th, 2015. As he walked around the Children’s Section and glanced at the books on the shelves, his face was beaming with excitement. He said to his mother “I want a book!” and reached out to grab one. The family is so thankful that they are receiving books from ParentChild+ and now also have access to the variety of books available at their local library!


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