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In 2007, Casey heard about ParentChild+ in Florence, SC and enrolled her two-and a half year old son, Jadin. Casey and Thomas have two children, Jadin and his brother, who is a year younger. Casey and Thomas, both working full time, took turns staying home, and wanted to make sure their “boys were on the right track.”

Their Early Learning Specialist arrived twice a week bringing books, blocks, puzzles, and other toys used to engage Jadin and his parents in reading, playing, and learning. After a short time, Casey and Thomas began to see how the Program could not only help their children achieve success, but could also help them achieve their dreams. They both enrolled in family literacy classes offered at the Florence School District One Parent Center. They were working full time, taking care of two small children, and actively pursuing their GED’s. They continued at this hectic pace, determined to reach their goals.

After two years of ParentChild+, Jadin graduated and scored in the 99th percentile on the Peabody Picture Vocabulary Test. Casey received her GED in the spring of 2008 and Thomas continued to attend classes until earning his GED in the spring of 2009.

This story is a wonderful example of the powerful impact ParentChild+ can have on an entire family. It literally changed their lives. Casey is currently attending the local technical college and Thomas plans to continue his education once Casey is finished. Jadin is enrolled in the School District’s four-year-old program and is doing exceedingly well, while his younger brother is learning and growing with the books and toys brought by the Program.

This family’s motivation and determination are relentless and, in 2008, they were honored with Florence School District One’s Family Literacy award.

1/30/13 Update: Casey is happy to report that “the kids are doing awesome in school thanks to the Program!” Jaden is now in 2nd grade, and on the first reading assessment he tested at a 4.1 reading level – the highest score in his class!


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